Alternative Ideas For Entertaining Wedding Guests

Choosing the right kind of entertainment for a wedding can be quite a task. Catering for different tastes in music and ensuring everyone, from young to old, is going to find the entertainment entertaining can be a tricky balancing act.

There is a debate over what form of wedding entertainment is better, the classic small band playing covers, or the DJ that can play more up to date music. However, why stick to the tried and tested classics when there are so many alternative entertainment options available that will help you make your wedding the most talked about event of the year.

Traditional Wedding Entertainment…With a Twist…

Add a touch of spice to your live music

One of the best things about having a band play at your wedding is that the personalities of each band member come out in the performance. This infectious energy extends to the wedding guests encouraging even those not prone to dancing to get up and join in the fun on the dance floor.

However, why stick to the the traditional choice of a covers band. If you want to add a bit of spice to your wedding, why not try a more exotic take on the live band? The drums of a salsa or samba band is sure to get everyone feeling the carnival spirit and grabbing a partner to get up and shake their stuff on the dance floor.

Samba Drums

Be your own DJ

Having a DJ play at your wedding is the perfect inexpensive way to ensure that there is something for everyone. DJs can work in small spaces, so there’s no need to sacrifice space that could be used for extra table places or a larger dance floor.

With a DJ you also have the opportunity to play a diverse range of music to suit all guests without the rest breaks that live musicians need.

If you don’t think a DJ could mix the right songs, why not try your own hand at it? The iPod changed the wedding DJ game allowing people to be a DJ without all the kit that goes with it. Creating your own wedding playlist could add that extra personal feeling to your wedding day.

Alternative Ways to Entertain Wedding Guests

Silent Disco

All the fun of a DJ without the noise! Issue those guests who want to dance with headphones where the DJ plays music directly into their ears. Entertaining not only for those dancing but for those guests sitting and watching as family and friends dance to tunes only they can hear. Perfect entertainment for venues where noise might be an issue, or when you wish to extend the party in the small hours without disturbing other guests.

Comedy Show

Create a wedding with a smile and hire an after-dinner comedian. This is a great way to allow guests to relax and digest their meal before hitting the dance floor later on in the evening.

Casino Night

The happy couple were lucky enough to meet the partner of their dreams so why not share some of that luck with the guests? Adding some ‘just for fun’ blackjack and roulette tables allows guests time away from the dance floor where they can try their luck. A nice twist on this theme might be to create some small gifts or prizes that the winners can take home at the end of the night.

Singing Waiters

A waiter’s main job is to ensure that all the guests are fed and watered, but some staff can offer so much more than simply re-filling drinks glasses. Catering by a company that offers singing waiters is a great idea, providing your guests with unexpected but very memorable moments of pure musical theatre.

Funny Photo Booth

Memories of your wedding are captured in the photos you and your guests take. That said, not every guest will have the honour of joining your wedding album. A photo booth allows your guests to get together, make some new friends, and take some silly pictures that they can laugh about together. Add a dressing up box to the mix to make for some extra special photos?

Bride and groom in photobooth. Wedding.

Living Hedges

Your guests will be in for a shock when the all too lifelike hedges in the Riverside Marquee’s garden suddenly begin to walk, talk, and serve drinks! The hedges are actually actors in costume and will add a shock factor to your wedding that you can be sure hasn’t been seen by your guests before.

Children’s Entertainment

One of the best ways to keep kids quiet is to keep them entertained. Thankfully, children are usually easy to engage when it comes to bouncy castles and soft play areas. The Riverside Marquee has access to over 16 acres of land for you to utilise, giving you space to include any additional extras such as bouncy castles or even ball pits! If you want your children to be part of your ceremony but don’t know how to include them, why not give our ‘Wedding Questions’ blog a read?

childen on bouncy castle

Garden Games

If the weather is good, then getting outside in the fresh air is something everyone will enjoy. Adding in some giant garden games adds a little light hearted sport to your wedding and gives everyone a reason to enjoy the scenery. Choose from larger versions of favourites such as jenga, chess, and connect 4,or quaint English classics such as quoits, cricket and croquet.

At The Riverside Marquee, we cater to whatever entertainment you decide is perfect for your wedding, we have a space specifically for a band to play, a huge manicured lawn, riverfront access and much more. To discuss wedding reception entertainment, please call us on 01628 762700 or use our enquiry form.

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