Wedding Colour Schemes and Moods

When designing your dream wedding, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your colour scheme. The colour of your flowers, table decorations, lighting and wedding outfits all work together to convey the emotions of your special day.

With so many colours to choose from, the task of settling for just one or two can sometimes seem daunting.  Here’s the Riverside Marquee guide to choosing your wedding colour scheme to help create the right mood for your wedding ceremony and reception.


Moods – Innocence, peace, comfort

bride in a white wedding dress with white roses

White is the classic wedding look.  Traditional white radiates the beauty of the bride and shows the world that this is a new start to her life. White allow you to independently shine, whilst remaining understated and elegant.


Moods – Warmth, quiet, luxury

Closeup ivory cloth for wedding dress with pearl' beads pattern

Ivory is a softer white and a popular choice for a wedding dress as it is flattering to most skin tones. Like white, it radiates a calm demeanour but is a lot warmer and softer than a pure white.


Moods – Passion, excitement, confidence

bride and groom with red shoes and socks and a bouqet of red flowers

Red is the colour of fire and passion and is always exciting to see. It portrays you as a confident partnership and demonstrates your enthusiasm for a new chapter in your life. This colour is sure to demonstrate your energy and love for life.


Moods – Happiness, intellect, imagination

yellow wedding bouquet laid on a concrete stairs

Yellow is the colour of happiness so your wedding guests can’t help but smile when they open the doors to your wedding and feel the warmth it radiates. Yellow brings a sense of creativity and is always an exciting pairing with other colours.


Moods – Optimism, motivation, enthusiasm

Beautiful orange Wedding Flower Arrangements Along the Aisle

Orange is a colour that ensures your wedding guests understand that you want them to have fun whilst they take part in the greatest day of your life. This warm and happy colour is sure to keep your guests chatting away and enjoying the social atmosphere it creates.


Moods – Calm, nature, unity

Groom in a green shirt with a wedding bouquet in his hands

Green is the colour of unity and always evokes a peaceful environment that your wedding goers are sure to love. Although it is a choice that many people overlook, green is the colour that gives your wedding the final touch and brings everything together for your special day.


Moods – Calm, safety, peace

chairs with blue sash and yellow flowers

Loved by many people around the world for the calmness that it radiates, blue evokes trust and devotion which is why it is the perfect colour for a small ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Navy blue is also a fantastic alternative to a black suit, as it is softer and a fantastic match with softer whites such as ivory and eggshell.


Moods – Happiness, confidence, balance

Champagne wedding clothing in turquoise and white with bow

Turquoise is a refreshing take on the standard blue variations and brings an harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine coming together in the wedding ceremony. As well as a sense of balance, turquoise also emits a friendly and happy mood that is sure to put some smiles on the faces of your guests.


Moods – Love, passion, understanding

pink wedding

Pink is a fantastic colour for portraying the same message as the colour red but with a softer tone that blends better with other colours. Pink is an exceptionally positive colour and portrays a strength and sophistication.  When blended with darker colours such as navy blue, grey and darker greens you can achieve some stunning schemes that set your wedding off beautifully.


Moods – Femininity, purity, elegance

Silver gray writing paper or invitations with envelopes laid on bridal lace with several wedding gifts and white rose bouquets. Space for copy.

Silver is a dignified and elegant alternative to a dull grey.  An understated colour of luxury, silver shows your creative and imaginative side as it reflects the emotions of the colours it is paired with.

At the Riverside Marquee we make it our mission to ensure that your wedding day is as perfect as you always imagined it to be.  We always work to ensure your colour scheme tells the story of your wedding in the most amazing way.

If you would like to enquire about The Riverside Marquee for your wedding, or any other occasion, then please feel free to give us a call on 01628 762700 or use our contact form.

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