Team building events to banish the Winter blues

After the excitement of the run up to Christmas, the early months of the New Year can be a quiet time for everyone in the office with the Winter blues taking a hold on your team’s mood. Sometimes all the office needs is a day to look forward to where everyone can take their mind off work and really focus on enjoying themselves.

This is where the Riverside Marquee has exactly what you need to host some fabulous and fun team building activities that will place the spring back in everyone’s step.  Our fantastic marquee is set in 15 acres of stunning landscaped gardens situated right next to the River Thames at Bray.  This allows us to host a whole load of team building events guaranteed to put the smile back on the face of everyone in your office.

Bubble Football

bubble football

Everyone is talking about how much fun this bouncy sport is. The concept is simple – each member of the two teams wear a bouncy protective ball around their body before launching into a game of football. The catch is that there really aren’t any rules. With the protective plastic bubble ball surrounding the players, you can bash into each other as much as you wish! This is sure to get some smiles back in the workplace as you try to tackle the opposition, or show off your Lionel Messi skills.

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Nothing gets the blood pumping more than the sound of passionate samba drumming. This truly is one of the most remarkable events that we run here at the Riverside Marquee. The music will inspire everyone to get involved and pick up an instrument, it may even get a few people dancing! This is perfect for injecting some excitement into your days!

Dragon Boat Racing

team building dragon boat racing

The dragon boat race is a traditional Chinese race that involves eight people racing in purpose built boats with dragons at the helm. This event is a real team effort, with everyone giving it their all to try and reach the goal first. With the Riverside Marquee being right next to the River Thames there’s no need for you to have to worry about outsourcing your event planning to a range of companies. Our facilities and on-site catering ensures that your team building days run as smoothly as possible. Why not separate the teams into your businesses internal structure? That could make for some fierce office competition and help your group work better together in the workplace!


team building archery

Slow breath. Tightened string. Bow raised. Bullseye! Archery is one of the oldest forms of weaponry that is still used today, and it is a fantastic way of injecting some healthy competition into your team. There is something extremely satisfying about taking your time and nailing the centre of the target. You can really get a feel for Medieval England, as you take in the sights and smells before declaring yourself the best shot in the office.

Bungee Run & Bouncy Castle

bungee run team building

These two are a bit of fun for the big kids. Bouncing on air is just as much fun as it sounds! If kids enjoy it, why can’t you? The bungee run consists of you being in a harness that is attached with a bungee cord to a bouncy castle. The aim is simple, try to make it to the end of the run and press the button. The bungee run is great for mixing competition with light hearted fun and the bouncy castle will install some childishness into your day.

These are just a select few of the many team building days that we offer. If you are interested in getting a smile back in your office, or want to instill some teamwork back into your colleagues, then please feel free to give us a call on 01628 762700 to arrange a viewing.

Riverside MarqueeTeam building events to banish the Winter blues