Party Planner Checklist

We all look forward to parties. Those nights where we can forget about the stresses of work and just have a good time. However the food and the entertainment do not just turn up at random, they need to be booked! This is where organisaiton comes into play. Planning a party makes sure that the good times keep on rolling. To take some stress out of planning a party, we have put together a small timeline to follow when putting together your perfect shindig. We can’t promise that it will help everything go off without a hitch, but we think it will help.

One Month To Go

  • Book your venue – You can’t have a party without a venue! It is important to make sure that you understand the size of your venue compared to how many people you are thinking of inviting. Make sure you ask the venue organisers how many people it can fit, and their opening and closing times.
  • Book in any help – You can’t do it all yourself! Ask for help from friends and family and make sure they have your party in their calander. You must also make sure that any catering companies or waiters or any paid help is booked with their respective companies.
  • Book your entertainment – Book your entertainment when you have secured your venue. Two weeks until the party should be the minimum amount of time. Try to match your entertainment with the kind of party you wish to have, for instance if you are having a dinner party you dont want a rave DJ… unless you’re re-writing the rules of fine dining.

Three Weeks To Go

  • Make an invitation list – It’s not a party unless there are guests! Try to invite 20% more people than you can fit, because the chances are around 20%-30% will not be able to make it to your party.
  • Pick a Menu – If you are having dinner served at your party, you should probably pick a menu. This menu can then be sent out with your invitations so that your guests can respond with their desired dish. Be wary of dietry choices, as well as allergies.
  • Send your invitations – There are so many ways that you can send your invitations thanks to the innovations of technology! Despite the speed of e-mails, it is always nice to recieve a hand written invitation to RSVP too.
  • Book any extras or props – If your party has a theme, you’re going to want to book some props to set the mood and atmosphere of your party. It is important to get the props booked as quickly as possible to ensure that they are available for your chosen date.

Two Weeks To Go

  • Check the playlists your DJ/Entertainment has chosen – Doesn’t hurt to be sure. This will give you the ability to veto any songs that you really dont like/aren’t appropriate for the party.
  • Check RSVP responses – Check how many people have responded, and send any extra enquiries to anyone who hasn’t yet replied

One Week To Go

  • Double check your bookings – There is nothing wrong with checking your bookings, as there can be things that go wrong. By checking your bookings, you are actively ensuring that your party is on track.
  • Create table plan – If you have seating at your party, you might want to create a table plan based off the responses to your invitations.

Date Of Party

  • Get to the venue early – It is always a good plan to get to your venue early to start preparations.
  • Place name cards on tables based on table plan – Only necessary if you have seating.
  • Check decorations – Make sure that all the props and decorations are placed how you want them to be.
  • Get a clear time for when food will be being served – It is good to know when food will be being served so you can have a clear plan for the party.
  • Greet guests – Greeting guests with a smiling face always sets a great tone for the party.
  • Have fun! – This is your party! Make sure you enjoy it!

Sometimes planning a party can be stressful, and you might need a little help. At the Riverside Marquee we have a party planner on hand to help you through every step to ensure that your party is a complete success!

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your perfect party, then please feel free to give us a call on 01628 762700 or visit our enquiry page.

Riverside MarqueeParty Planner Checklist
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